Help Your Business Grow with Edraw

Cut costs and empower your teams with the #1 Microsoft® Visio® alternative.

Help Your Business Grow with EdrawMax

Cut costs and empower your teams with the #1 Microsoft® Visio® replacement.

Increase your productivity today.

Give Your Business A Competitive
Edge with EdrawMax

Visio alternative

Import Visio files or export your drawings to various file formats.

Where data meet diagrams

Import data to generate the charts you want automatically.


Create a diverse list of diagrams that meet various requirements.

Easy to use

With a familiar Office UI, everyone can handle it without training.

Supports 280+

Offers more than 280 diagram types that cover different requirements from leaders to average employees, from technical purposes to the marketing field.

Various Ways
to Share

Share your work with others either by a web link, or by exporting to different file formats. Supports high-quality Visio, PDF, PNG, Html, Word, PPT, Excel, etc.


Includes 26000+ vector symbols and 2000+ templates that greatly save your time. Choose the best template that fits your needs and start right away.

Enterprise All-in-one Diagram and Visualization Solution

Increase work efficiency by facilitating with diagrams and graphic designs.

Decision making - Use diagrams to lay out all of the relevant information and show relationships among them before making a decision.
Scheduling - Use mind maps and Gantt charts to set project scope, budget, and schedule. Break down tasks into manageable units then allocate them to staff.
Planning - Help conduct strategic planning sessions with specific techniques and models like SWOT, PESTLE, PDCA, etc.
Help HR staff create professional-looking organizational charts to visualize company hierarchical structure and manage employee information.
Give great convenience in spreading information with the help of easy-to-use forms, infographics, and flowcharts.
Save works in clouds and collaborate with team members easily.
Supports a variety of technical diagrams, including P&IDs, schematics, floor plans, wireframes, UML diagrams, and more.
Enable different roles in the company to use the same file format to communicate and share.
Collaborate on projects by using comments, exchange feedback, and monitor the status directly within a document.
Help build engaging business presentations with visuals. Turn dry, dull, or complicated content into visually appealing formats.
Create impressive slides with the help of pre-defined templates and customize every detail to your liking.
Give more effective and creative ways to deliver information, data, and concepts.

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